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what is reference number in flight ticket?

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Have you ever wondered what that jumble of letters and numbers on your flight ticket actually means? The reference number on your flight ticket is a unique identifier that helps airlines and travel agencies track your booking and manage your itinerary. This important alphanumeric code is crucial for accessing your reservation, checking in for your flight, and making any changes to your travel plans. It is essential that you keep your reference number safe and easily accessible throughout your journey to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. Not only does it provide easy access to your booking information, but it also serves as a security measure to protect your personal data. Understanding the significance of the reference number on your flight ticket can help you navigate the complexities of air travel more confidently and efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

  • A reference number in a flight ticket is a unique identifier given to each individual booking.
  • It helps airlines and passengers to track and manage the booking throughout the entire process.
  • Reference numbers are crucial for managing changes or inquiries related to the flight booking, such as seat changes, cancellations, or upgrades.
  • Passengers are advised to keep the reference number handy for easy access and reference during the journey.
  • It is important to safeguard the reference number to prevent unauthorized access or changes to the booking.

Understanding the Reference Number

Some airlines, including Pegasus Airlines, use a reference number, also known as a Passenger Name Record (PNR) or booking reference, as a unique identifier for your flight booking. This code is a combination of letters and numbers that helps airlines and travel agencies to locate your booking quickly and efficiently. If you’ve ever wondered what the reference number on your flight ticket is, we’re here to explain its significance.

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Definition and Purpose

The reference number, or PNR, serves as a key element in your flight booking. Its primary purpose is to provide a unique identifier for your reservation, allowing the airline and travel agencies to access your booking details quickly and accurately. This code is essential for managing your flight itinerary, making changes to your booking, and checking in for your flight. It ensures that all your travel information is consolidated under one reference, making it easier for you and the airline to manage your journey effectively.

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Differences between Reference Number, Booking Code, and Ticket Number

When it comes to understanding the components of your flight booking, it’s important to differentiate between the reference number, booking code, and ticket number. The reference number or PNR is used to locate your booking, the booking code is a six-character identifier that represents the specific booking class for your ticket, and the ticket number is a 13-digit code that uniquely identifies your ticket. While they each serve different purposes, collectively, they are crucial in managing your flight reservation effectively.

Using Your Reference Number

Assuming you’ve already booked your flight and received your flight ticket, the reference number is a vital piece of information that you’ll need to keep track of. Your reference number, also known as a booking reference or PNR (Passenger Name Record), is a unique code that helps the airline identify your booking. It is crucial for various purposes, such as managing your booking, checking in online, and accessing important details about your flight.

How to Locate Your Reference Number

Locating your reference number on your flight ticket is quite simple. It is usually displayed prominently on your ticket, either at the top or in a separate section labeled “Booking Reference” or “PNR.” If you received an e-ticket, the reference number may be included in the email confirmation or in the barcode section of the ticket. In the rare event that you can’t find it on your ticket, you can always contact the airline or your travel agency to obtain it.

Situations Where You’ll Need Your Reference Number

Your reference number is critical for a variety of situations throughout your travel experience. When checking in online, at the airport, or at a self-service kiosk, you’ll need to enter your reference number to access your booking and confirm your seat selection. Additionally, if you need to make changes to your booking, such as adding extra bags or selecting special meals, the airline will require your reference number to locate and modify your booking. It’s also essential for tracking your flight status, managing any delays or cancellations, and claiming any compensation if necessary.

Common Issues and Solutions

Keep in mind that reference numbers are crucial for identifying and managing your flight ticket. However, there are common issues that you may encounter when dealing with reference numbers. Here are some common issues and their solutions to help you navigate through them.

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Lost or Misplaced Reference Numbers

If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost or misplaced your reference number, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is check your email or any communication from the airline or travel agency regarding your booking. The reference number is usually included in your booking confirmation. If you still can’t find it, you can contact the airline or travel agency directly and provide them with your full name, travel dates, and any other relevant information they may require. They should be able to retrieve your reference number for you. It is essential to keep your reference number in a safe place to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Reference Number Discrepancies and Resolution

When you encounter discrepancies with your reference number, such as it not being recognized or showing as invalid, it can be frustrating. In such cases, make sure you are entering the reference number correctly, taking into account any letters, numbers, or symbols. If the issue persists, reach out to the airline or travel agency for assistance. They will be able to verify the reference number and provide a resolution. Remember that your reference number is unique to your booking, so it’s important to have the correct and valid one for any transactions or inquiries related to your flight.

Understanding the Reference Number on Your Flight Ticket

From above, you now have a clear understanding of what the reference number on your flight ticket is. It serves as a unique identifier for your booking and is essential for any communication and updates regarding your flight. Make sure to have this number readily available whenever you need to contact the airline or make any changes to your booking. Understanding the significance of this reference number will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for you.


Q: What is a reference number in a flight ticket?

A: A reference number in a flight ticket is a unique code or combination of letters and numbers that is assigned to a specific booking. It is used by airlines, travel agencies, and passengers to track and manage flight reservations. The reference number is essential for making changes to a booking, checking in for a flight, and addressing any issues or inquiries related to the reservation.

Q: Where can I find the reference number on my flight ticket?

A: The reference number is typically located on the itinerary or confirmation email that is sent to you after booking a flight. It is usually displayed prominently at the top of the document and may also be referred to as a booking reference, reservation code, or PNR (Passenger Name Record). Additionally, the reference number may be printed on the physical ticket or boarding pass.

Q: Can I use the reference number to track my flight status?

A: While the reference number is primarily used for managing and accessing booking details, it is not directly used for tracking flight status. For tracking the status of a flight, passengers can use the airline’s website, mobile app, or third-party flight tracking services. However, the reference number may be required when accessing flight information through the airline’s online portal or customer service channels.

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