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A Quick Tour of Autumn in the USA

by Andy Mercado
a quick tour autumn

Let’s do a quick tour autumn in the USA, The fall season brings cooler temperatures, decreased humidity, and long mornings. This season is so good that many Americans choose to keep the sun out of their homes by seeking cooler temperatures in the morning. The changing season also presents unique challenges that make it even more enjoyable.

A decade ago, I moved to the United States to pursue a career in medicine. During my first year in school, I arrived in the nation’s capital to begin a residency. The change in the climate immediately struck me. Autumn in DC is usually hot and humid, but it was the complete opposite this season.

The morning air was crisp, cool, and refreshing. You could hear the leaves crunch beneath your feet as you made your way to class. This change was so sudden and unexpected that I was moved to blog about it. Today, I teach medicine in a suburb of Washington, DC, and the change in the season still strikes me. Autumn in the US has many unique characteristics that make it one of my favorite seasons.

A Quick Tour of Autumn in the USA

When Is Autumn?

A glance at the calendar will show that autumn in the United States officially begins on the first Monday in October. However, many of us are already experiencing cooler weather this season. In the Northeast, autumn is already here. In the Midwest, it is already here.

And in the South, it is already here. That means that most of the country is experiencing autumn right now. Many of the places I live will be experiencing cooler weather than normal in October. That also means that autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is one of the most popular times to visit the United States.

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How to Winterize Your Home

The air in your home stays the same temperature throughout the entire season, and even on the coldest winter mornings, the air inside your home is usually around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That can also be done with the windows open to draw warm, humid air from outside into your home.

How to Enjoy Autumn in the USA

The United States is a great country for travel and has many fall attractions to choose from. There are fall festivals and events around every city and state in this country and a plethora of cookable, savory foods that are perfect for this time of year. My favorite places to visit in autumn include Philadelphia’s Foliage Festival, Washington, DC’s Falllicious Cleveland’s Fall Foliage & Herb Festival, New York City’s Fabulous Fall Festival, and Philadelphia’s Spruce Plunkett Organ Festival.

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Where to Find the Best Autumnal Food

Several resources are dedicated to listing the best Fall foods, but my favorite is the Food Republic App. This app features every local and organic farm in the country and a list of the best fall foods from region to region. At the same time, I’ve also found that talking to locals in classy establishments like Bistro Vendome in New York City and The Ritz in Philadelphia is often more revealing than a list.

My Favorite Places to Visit in Autumn

Every season has at least one city that I visit repeatedly. The fall season is no exception. My favorite destinations in autumn are Philadelphia’s Foliage Festival – During the week before Halloween, Philadelphia hosts the country’s largest foliage festival. This is a great opportunity to see how much autumn color Philadelphia has. New York City’s Fabulous Fall Festival – This is the ultimate autumnal treat.

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Every year, New Yorkers celebrate fall by gathering in Central Park for the largest annual event in the city. That is also the place to shop for costumes and delicious food and drink. Cleveland’s Fall Foliage & Herb Festival – This is always a highlight of my trip to Cleveland in autumn. More than a thousand people gather in downtown Cleveland for this annual event. You’ll also find the city’s most beautiful gardens adorned with fall plants.

My Favorite Places to Visit in Winter

I’ve spent winters in both the United States and Canada, and while there are many similarities between the two countries, there are also several significant differences. For example, here in the northernmost part of the US, winter is practically a month-long climate change reality check.

There’s usually snow on the ground for at least part of the season. On the other hand, winter in Canada usually starts between October and December, when the weather in most of the country is cooler than normal. Because of this, winter in Canada is almost exclusively about winter sports.

The Biggest Challenges of Autumn in the USA

As with any season, autumn in the United States is filled with challenges. Although it is popular to keep the sun out of your house, excessive shading can make it more difficult for solar energy to reach your home. Furthermore, heating in winter is often very costly. If you want to keep your home warm, you will need to use an inefficient method such as gas or oil heating. That means that energy efficiency can be positive during the winter months. There are several easy ways to keep your home warm this season.


The United States is a country that’s always in season. From the warmest months to the coldest, this country experiences change. This change can be exhilarating or daunting, depending on the season. Find a local community to exchange experiences with and help you through this season’s challenges. Build stronger friendships during this time, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. Where you will go for a quick tour autumn?

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