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Egypt and Tanzania Tour: The Best Way to see These Two Amazing Countries

by Andy Mercado
egypt and tanzania tour

Tanzania & Egypt are two of the most geographically diverse countries globally. Both of these countries are mountainous, tropical, and densely populated. While they share many similarities, Egypt and Tanzania also share a lot of differences. Given the political unrest in both countries. But because they are so different, they have unique things to offer travelers. Let’s explore why you should visit these two different but equally amazing countries.

What to Know Before Visiting Egypt and Tanzania

One of the main things that travelers to these countries should know is the history of both countries. Indeed, one might even say that the history of one is a fascinating study in itself. These two countries share a lot of common history, but they also have separate and unique histories. That is not to say that one country’s history is irrelevant or unimportant to the other. Rather, it is to say that the unique and diverse histories of both Egypt and Tanzania have to be considered before visiting either country.

Egypt and Tanzania Tour: The Best Way to see These Two Amazing Countries

Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs

When most people think about Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the famous pharaohs. Indeed, during the reigns of the long-reigning pharaohs, the country was known for its brilliant architecture, great artistic and cultural achievements, and stunning monuments that still evidence its rulers’ power and might.

Tanzania: For Lovers of nature

With such a vibrant culture and population, it is easy to see why Tanzania is such a popular destination for tourists. The Central African Republic, Cesar, and Malawi are other countries that are often compared to Tanzania. What most people don’t know, though, is that there is a lot more to Tanzania than just zillions of animals.

The country is also home to fascinating human cultures, including the widely known “Lion Capital of the World.” There are several wildlife reserves and national parks that are home to a wide variety of animals, from elephants to lions to leopards and countless other species. One of the best ways to see Tanzania is taking a wildlife driving tour. These tours take you into the park’s heart, where you can experience first-hand the amazing wildlife that calls this place home.

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Egypt and Tanzania: The Culture Shock

One of the most striking differences between the cultures of these two countries is the level of modernization that has taken place in one while remaining largely invisible in the other. That is not to say that one is more “modern” than the other, but the transition from one culture to another can be very abrupt. For example, consider the following facts: girls must wear a headscarf to school in Egypt. In Tanzania, it is not a rule but a custom. A further example: in Tanzania, the night-time temperature in the Serengeti National Park can hit 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) during the hot season.

Egypt and Tanzania: What you need to do

Now that you know a little about what to expect from visiting Egypt and Tanzania let’s get started on a tour of the most famous sites. In addition to the well-known tourist destinations, there are several interesting places to visit in Cairo and Zanzibar. Here are a few ideas:

The Pyramids of Giza: This is the only major historical site in Egypt still largely intact. The layout of the monuments and the fact that they were built as one huge construction means that they were very difficult to take down.

The Valley of the Kings: Here, you will find the tombs of some of the most famous figures in Egyptian history.

The Sphinx: This is one of the most-visited sites in the entire country. It is the only national park in Africa that is not a national park but an artificial habitat.

The Great Artesian Well: Once the main source of drinking water for the city, the well is now a popular tourist attraction.

Things to Do in Egypt

If you are looking for something a little different and can handle a little challenge, you should consider visiting Luxor. That is a must-do for anyone visiting Egypt. Luxor is famous for its temples and monuments, but the most famous and talked-about structure is the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

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To get a fun break from the history and architecture of Egypt, the pyramids of Siwa and the cemetery of Wadi el-Hmurra are two of the fascinating sites in the country.

Egypt and Tanzania: The Culture Shock

Many tourists experience the culture shock when visiting these two different countries can be difficult to deal with. After all, one person’s history is another person’s culture. That can become a bit easier to deal with if you take some time to learn about the local culture before visiting.

The most famous and recognizable culture in both Egypt and Tanzania is, of course, the Egyptians. Many tacky, independent, and individualistic Egyptian traditions are not commonly seen in other cultures. For example, it is extremely unusual for a man to wear a headscarf to work or school in Egypt. Instead, he is expected to wear a fez.

Another culture shock that many travelers to these two countries are likely to experience is the food. That is likely to be particularly painful for those who are used to Western food.

However, if you stay in a hotel or a villa, you will likely be served Western food. This will be very different from what you eat at home in some cases.

What to Do in Egypt

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation from travel, then the Luxor Temple of the Pyramids is your place.

The Valley of the Kings is another must-do for anyone visiting Egypt. That is because the valley is home to some of the most important archaeological sites in the country. The most famous of which is the tomb of King Tutankhamun, which is open to the public.

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is another iconic structure located in the Valley of the Kings. While it is not a must-do, it is worth visiting.

If you are looking for someplace different, then the national park of Siwa is the place for you. This is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, home to a wide variety of animals and plants.

Egypt and Tanzania: The Culture Shock

As well as being exciting to visit, the local culture of either country is also a good way to get to know your destination. For example, the art and architecture of Egypt are quite different from those of Tanzania.

One of the fascinating things about visiting either country is the juxtaposition of these cultures. For example, the figures on these famous monuments are based on old statues, but their intricate carvings and colors are quite different from what you would see on a modern building.

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