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What Is The Policy For Smoking On Cruise Ships?

by Zac

Hey there! Are you thinking about going on a cruise? Well, before you set sail, there's something important you should know: what is the policy for smoking on cruise ships? As someone who loves to travel and has been on a few cruises myself, I understand the confusion surrounding this issue. That's why I've put together this blog post to help you navigate the smoking rules and regulations on board. So, whether you're a smoker or a non-smoker, sit back, relax, and let's dive into this topic together!

Quick Answer

The policy for smoking on cruise ships varies depending on the cruise line. Some cruise lines have designated smoking areas such as outdoor decks or designated lounges, while others have implemented complete smoking bans. It's important to check the specific policy of the cruise line you are sailing with before your trip.

Are there designated smoking areas?

Yes, there are designated smoking areas in many public places. These areas are usually clearly marked with signs or designated by specific smoking shelters or rooms. However, it's important to note that smoking regulations vary depending on the country, city, or establishment you are in. In some places, smoking may be prohibited in all public areas, while in others, designated smoking areas may still be available. It's always a good idea to check the local regulations or ask the staff if you are unsure. Remember to be considerate of others and use designated smoking areas when available to respect the rights of non-smokers.

Are there any fines for smoking in non-designated areas?

Yes, there can be fines for smoking in non-designated areas. The specific amount of the fine can vary depending on the local laws and regulations of the area you are in. Many cities and states have implemented smoking bans in certain public places, such as parks, restaurants, and public transportation. These bans aim to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke and create a healthier environment for everyone. Violating these smoking bans can result in fines, which serve as a deterrent and a way to enforce the regulations. It's important to be aware of and respect the designated smoking areas to avoid any fines or legal consequences.

Are electronic cigarettes permitted on board?

There is generally no restriction on the use of electronic cigarettes on board, but it is recommended that you check with the specific airline before taking one with you. While many airlines do allow e-cigarettes, some may have their own restrictions or requirements. For example, you may be asked to keep your e-cigarette in your carry-on baggage rather than in checked luggage. Additionally, it's essential to be considerate of other passengers and crew members and follow any designated smoking areas or policies in place. Overall, it's best to confirm with your airline's guidelines beforehand to ensure a hassle-free journey.

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Are there any exceptions to the policy for medical reasons?

Yes, there can be exceptions to policies for medical reasons. Depending on the situation, if you have a medical condition or require a certain medication or treatment, you may be eligible for an exemption from certain policies. However, it's important to note that these exceptions are typically granted on a case-by-case basis, and you would need to provide supporting medical documentation. I would recommend reaching out to the relevant authority or department and explaining your specific circumstances. They can guide you on the process for requesting an exception and what documentation you will need to provide.

Carnival Cruises Smoking Policy Enforcement

Final Words

You should understand the smoking policy on cruise ships in order to make your trip more enjoyable and to ensure that you and your fellow passengers have a positive experience. It is necessary to implement varying regulations, restrictions, and guidelines regarding smoking on board so that everyone can enjoy a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere. By familiarizing yourself with the rules and etiquette, you can avoid any potential conflicts and make the most of your cruise vacation. So, whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, taking the time to educate yourself on the smoking policies, areas, and bans aboard cruise ships will undoubtedly contribute to a more enjoyable and stress-free journey. Happy sailing!


Q1. Can I smoke on a cruise ship?
A. Yes, most cruise lines have designated areas and policies regarding smoking on their ships. However, the regulations and spaces allocated for smoking can vary significantly depending on the cruise line and the ship.

Q2. Where are the designated smoking areas on cruise ships?
A. Cruise ships usually have designated areas where smoking is allowed, typically located in designated outdoor areas like the deck or specific sections of certain bars and lounges. However, smoking is strictly prohibited in cabins, balconies, restaurants, and indoor public areas.

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Q3. Is smoking allowed in cabins or balconies?
A. No, smoking is generally not allowed in cabins or on balconies. Cruise lines typically enforce strict non-smoking policies in these areas due to safety concerns, fire hazards, and to provide a comfortable environment for all guests.

Q4. Can I smoke marijuana on a cruise ship if it is legal at the departure or destination port?
A. Irrespective of local laws, most cruise lines have a no-drug policy, which includes marijuana. It is advisable to contact your cruise line directly regarding their specific policy on this matter.

Q5. Are there any restrictions for smoking while the ship is in port?
A. Some cruise lines may have specific policies regarding smoking while the ship is in port. While passengers are usually allowed to smoke in designated areas, it is essential to refer to the specific cruise line's policy, as some may restrict smoking entirely while the ship is docked.

Q6. Do all cruise lines have the same smoking policies?
A. No, each cruise line has its own smoking policies, guidelines, and designated areas. Some cruise lines are more restrictive and may have stricter non-smoking policies, while others may allow smoking in more extensive areas. It is critical to review the smoking policy of your chosen cruise line before booking.

Q7. Are electronic cigarettes or vaping devices allowed on cruise ships?
A. The policies regarding electronic cigarettes and vaping devices differ by cruise line. Some allow their use in designated smoking areas, while others may prohibit them entirely. It is crucial to consult your specific cruise line's policy to determine their stance on e-cigarettes and vaping.

Q8. Will smoking on a cruise ship bother non-smokers?
A. Cruise lines strive to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all passengers, including both smokers and non-smokers. By designating specific smoking areas, cruise lines aim to minimize any inconvenience or discomfort for non-smokers.

Q9. What are the consequences for not adhering to the smoking policy on a cruise ship?
A. Cruise ships take their smoking policies seriously, as non-compliance can result in fines, penalties, and even disembarkation from the ship at the next port. It is important to respect and follow the smoking policies for the safety and enjoyment of all passengers.

Q10. Are there alternative options available for smokers on cruise ships?
A. While cruise ships strive to provide options for smokers, such as designated outdoor areas, it is worth considering alternatives if access to smoking areas is a priority. It may be helpful to explore cruise lines that cater specifically to smokers or consider land-based vacation options that allow for greater flexibility in smoking activities.

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