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How to Become a Full-Time Traveller

by Chesa Dalisay
How to Become a Full-Time Traveller

This means being completely independent, away from your family, and facing everything on your own. You need to understand the costs associated with full-time travel, the cost of living, and what you’ll need to care for your kids and pets. Here are some steps to take along the way.

Make sure you have enough money to finance your travels. Most people don’t have enough money to go full time, so they must find ways to finance it. Check out the Nomad list to get an idea of how much a particular city would cost you. Taking out a job in a foreign country may also be a great way to fund your travels.

How to Budget and Become a Full-Time Traveller

When travelling full-time, you will have to make some lifestyle changes. You might be missing flights, getting sick, robbing, or lonely. And if you aren’t able to afford travelling, you might fall into a financial rut. Full-time travelling is not for everyone and requires you to have the finances to make the travels. It can be a rewarding experience, but it will also challenge your intellectual growth.

Work part-time at a hostel.

If you’re a party animal and enjoy working in hostels, you might consider working at a hostel as a part-time job. Depending on the hostel, you might be expected to pour drinks and do other jobs associated with a party atmosphere. Generally, these jobs are located in Europe. Work permits are required.

As a hostel cleaner, you can expect to do various tasks. These include cleaning beds and bathrooms, sweeping common areas, and tidying up. Often, there is a dedicated reception staff for hostel guests, so you’ll be required to coordinate with them.

Walk or bike

There are many advantages of walking or biking, and they will save you money on transportation and your health. Many people opt for walking or biking because they can’t afford to buy a car or pay for gym memberships. Walking or cycling is safer and more economical than spending money on expensive gym memberships. Here are some tips to help you budget and become a full-time traveller.

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Rent a car

Creating a detailed itinerary based on specific points of interest is important when deciding to travel full time. Those points can range from countries to see to the costs of living. First, rent a car. You can do so by renting a minivan or an RV. You can also make your vision board by including motivational sayings and pictures of places to see.

While renting a car may seem convenient, it can be expensive. Make sure to fill up the tank before returning the car, or you might find yourself paying more than you bargained for. Also, remember that most rental companies will have similar mileage restrictions. It may be worth it if you plan to drive only on daily trips. Otherwise, it’s better to have unlimited mileage. Alternatively, renting a home can be a more affordable option if you’re a full-time traveller.

Credit cards

When you plan to become a full-time traveller, you’ll likely need to make major adjustments to your spending. For starters, it’s crucial to know how to apply for a credit card. Many credit cards have a foreign exchange fee, which can add up to quite a bit of money each month. Also, make sure you find out what merchants charge for credit card payments before you go.

It’s easy to confuse all the available credit cards, so most people choose the first one they see. This often leads to frustrations and risks. Also, using cash can leave you in a tough situation, leaving you with a big hole in your bank account. However, using a credit card to make travel purchases is great.

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One way to use prepaid currency cards is as a full-time traveller. While a travel card can help you save money by allowing you to switch currencies whenever you want, it is also convenient to use it as a way to spend your own money wherever you are. Some cards even have features that help you lock in the exchange rate, so you won’t worry about losing your money when the exchange rate changes. In addition, a card will let you withdraw cash from ATMs in different currencies without incurring additional fees.

full time traveler
full time traveler

Prepaid currency cards

Another feature of prepaid currency cards is that they allow you to choose the amount you want to spend on a trip in one currency. This means that you can easily change the amount when you need to. Many cards also let you choose which currency you want to use, making them great budgeting tools. Some prepaid currency cards look like credit cards but work on debit. Consider a multi-currency card if you want to use them as a full-time traveller.

Online travel

The first step in becoming a full-time online traveller is to set up a budget. The next step is to determine what you need to spend each month on your trips. Most people don’t have enough money to travel full time, so they must find ways to finance their trips. The amount of money you will need will depend on where you live, but there are some easy ways to budget your money for travel. Check out the Nomad List to see what living costs in a particular city are.

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