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How to Spend 8 Days in Morocco – A Comprehensive Guide

by Andy Mercado
How can I spend 8 days in Morocco

So you are searching at search engine for How can I spend 8 days in Morocco? Here is the answer: For many people, a trip to Morocco means a 6- or 7-day stay, highlighted by a day trip to the nearest beach. It would be easy to get stuck in a routine, going to the same spot every day and taking the same things with you: a guidebook, a list of recommended vendors, and course, your Lonely Planet.

But what if you could pack your itinerary and visit places on your schedule? Avoid the busy tourist sights, and stay in the more off-the-beaten-path destinations? What if you could make a trip to Morocco a camping trip, not a vacation? That’s the premise behind the 8-day itinerary, a mobile application that allows you to plan your visit to the Middle Eastern country without leaving your home.

Launched in 2015 to promote Morocco as a destination for travelers and a way to give back to the local community. Therefore this new service has already helped thousands of people plan their visits to the Moroccan coast. Here’s how to spend 8 days in Morocco – a comprehensive guide.

Where to begin?

The first thing you’ll want to decide is where to begin your visit to Morocco. There are several regions to choose from; the most famous is Western Morocco, filled with ancient ruins and bustling city life. Northern Morocco is famous for its desert and mountain culture.

The high-altitude country of Chefchaouen is home to stunning scenery and charming old cities. To get the most out of your visit, you’ll want to spread your wings and visit a few different places. In other words, Start in the south, where you’ll find the capital, Fez, and the desert city of Marrakesh. Work your way north through the Atlas Mountains, stopping in Essaouira and Skoura, two desert oases with beautiful views.

Morocco – the basics

Morocco’s diverse landscapes and cultures make it a beautiful, intriguing country to visit. It’s perfect for a challenging adventure with tens of thousands of years of history. The country is incredibly rich in culture, with an indigenous Berber population, a rich history of over 5,000 years, and a vibrant contemporary culture.

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However despite these strong cultural ties, the country is open and welcoming to tourists, with an estimated 80% of the population considered fluent in English. The 8-day itinerary allows you to discover many different aspects of Moroccan culture, from the Berber history and architecture to the art and architecture of the region.

Old Cities, Deserts, and Marrakesh

The city of Fez is the spiritual home of the Berber people, who call the city their “fountain of youth.” It is also Morocco’s most popular tourist destination, hosting more than a million visitors each year. The medina is a throwback to a bygone era when it was the hub of an entire culture. You’ll find the souks (markets) and bazaars filled with local crafts and wares. Deserts make up the bulk of the country’s landscape, and while they’re nice to visit on a day trip, they make for difficult traveling.

Nightlife in Marrakesh

The city of Marrakesh is a vibrant center of culture, politics, and trade, with world-renowned hospitable people. You can start your evening in the medina, which has a wealth of open-air cafes and restaurants. It’s home to stunning architecture and an astonishing collection of Berber rugs. In addition, Walk through Old Town to discover the city’s beautiful architecture and bustling streets. You can visit the Sahara Desert desert oases during your visit to Morocco or stay in the high-altitude city of Chefchaouen to experience the dramatic views from the surrounding mountains.

The Berber Horizon

How to Spend 8 Days in Morocco - A Comprehensive Guide

The Berber culture, living in the region around the Atlas Mountains, has a complex and rich history that influenced much of the world. And It’s a part of history many people haven’t heard of, and it’s easy to feel lost in the crowds in Fez.

Start your exploration of the Berber culture in the high-altitude city of Berbera. Where you can experience the rich Berber traditions and languages. So you’ll find the Berber cities of Atlas and Hoggar to be two of the most impressive. Atlas is a natural fortress with a stunning array of snowy mountains in the background. Welcoming you to Hoggar, the desert oasis that sits at the foot of the Atlas Mountains is a bustling city with colorful, traditional architecture.

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The Essaouira and Skoura Deserts

The Essaouira and Skoura desert oases are two of the most remote places in all of Morocco. You’ll have three days to get your breath back after traveling in the high-altitude desert. And enjoy the lush vegetation and hot springs at the Essaouira National Park.

The Skoura Desert, which covers the eastern edge of the Atlas Mountains, has been untouched by man for millennia, with only a handful of nomadic tribes living in the area. But you’ll have two days to enjoy the desert and its wildlife at Skoura before continuing your journey. Spend your final day in the desert visiting the oasis and taking in the sunset.

A Night in the Atlas Mountains

The mountains are home to the highest known human-made object globally, the 84-story Atlas Mountain solar power tower. You’ll find the most impressive architecture in the city of Nador and which is home to the Nador National Museum. The nightlife in Nador is great, and you can stay in the city during your visit to the mountains. And Your final challenge is to cross the border into Egypt and head back home.

A Day on the desi Plains

The desi Plains are a flat, open-topped, grassy landscape with lakes, vegetable and livestock-based economies, and thriving cultural life. You’ll have three days to explore this great place and get a feel for the different aspects of Morocco. The oasis of Chefchaouen is a beautiful place to start your day, with palm trees, palm-thatched houses, and a friendly, mixed-race community.

You’ll have two days to enjoy the desi Plains’ sights, sounds, and tastes before moving on to the next destination. Spend your final day in the desert and where you can listen to the calls of the sand Sabbath or enjoy the desert mirages.


Spend your summer vacation in Morocco and experience the country’s diversity and its people. Living in a traditional Berber village or exploring the desert mountains or the coast. So An 8-day itinerary will give you a great overview of Morocco and the country’s architecture, history, and culture.

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