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Ways to Travel With Your PlayStation 4

by Chesa Dalisay
Ways to Travel With Your PlayStation 4

There are many ways to travel with your PlayStation 4. For example, you can register your PlayStation 4 as a foreign travel document. This will make your device look more official to take it with you on your holiday without the hassle. Alternatively, you can connect your Playstation to a large screen with an HDMI cable or access your PS4 data with an external hard drive or USB flash drive. There are also several other ways to travel with your PS4, and each of these options will be described below.

If you’re traveling to another country, you’ll probably need a power converter or adapter for your PS4 to work on the local sockets. If you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll also need an HDMI cable, which you can connect to your PS4’s video output.

Ways to Travel With Your PlayStation 4
Ways to Travel With Your PlayStation 4

PS4 Connect to wifi

PS4s are easy to connect to WiFi networks, but this won’t work everywhere. In these cases, you’ll have to disable the internet connection on your PS4 and turn off your wireless network. Disabling automatic updates and disconnecting from WiFi will also save you some trouble. Although the PS4 Slim is the same console as the PS4

, it’s slimmer and lighter. Both can use 5G and 2.4g signals.

PS4s can be brought on board the plane as carry-on luggage. The TSA treats gaming consoles on airplanes the same way as laptops so that they can be brought into your carry-on bag. Gaming consoles need to be placed in separate bins for X-ray screening. The TSA also has guidelines for checking ps4s as checked luggage. Before you travel, make sure your PlayStation is packaged properly. Check with the airline to see their rules about electronic items and any other fragile items. Often, a PlayStation console will be considered fragile and should not be checked-in luggage. The best solution is to check with the airline before you travel so that the PlayStation can be transported safely. The airline might also charge you a small fee for storing your PlayStation in your checked luggage.

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