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Can You Pay Cash for a Hotel Room?

by Zac
Can You Pay Cash for a Hotel Room

Can you pay cash for a hotel room? Due to the pandemic and the rapid emergence of new payment methods, such as cashless transactions, it’s not surprising that people ask if it’s possible to pay for a hotel with cash. However, many people hesitate to make electronic payments due to security concerns.

Although it’s generally accepted to pay for a hotel reservation or stay using cash, it might be hard to find one that accepts debit cards. Most hotels worldwide now prefer to accept credit cards, and some don’t even accept debit cards.

Can You Pay Cash for a Hotel Room?

Although most hotels do not accept cash, some may still accept credit card payments. It means that if you reside in an area where there are credit-card-exclusive hotels, you might be able to find one that accepts cash. Here are all the details you need to know about these establishments.

Search for Cash-Accepting Hotels or Inns Online

It may be hard to find a high-end establishment that accepts cash payments. Today more cash-accepting hotels are located on the lower end of the market, which means that you’ll have a better opportunity of getting a deal when booking a room at a budget hotel or motel.

Non-chain hotels may be more inclined to accept cash as they don’t have to follow specific corporate procedures. You can search for “cash” on Google for more information about cash-in-hotels.

Call Your Chosen Hotel

Before you pick a place, make sure that you thoroughly research the details of the facility and its payment policy. Some establishments may have a credit-card exclusive policy, so be aware of this.

Some hotels will require that you reserve a room using a credit card, and then you will have to pay in cash once you’ve arrived. Others will allow you to enter the room without a reservation.

Lodge Your Deposit

Since you’re paying with cash, you won’t be able to make a reservation online. If you’re planning on making a reservation a day before the scheduled arrival date, you need to make a deposit and visit the hotel to confirm the details. If you can’t make the reservation, you may be required to provide a credit card number to secure the room.

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Before you check in, make sure that you pay for the room security deposit. You can also request a receipt to show proof of the payment. If you’re planning on staying in a different country for a long time, make sure you have travel insurance.

Other Methods to Pay For Your Hotel Stay in Cash

There are other methods to pay for a hotel with cash, such as using a bank deposit or coordinating with a travel agency if you don’t have a credit card.

Travel Agencies

Besides helping with the payment of airline tickets, some travel agencies also provide other services such as hotel reservation bookings.

To make a reservation, go to the travel agency’s website and make a reservation using cash. After you make the reservation, the travel agent will instruct you where to deposit your cash payment.

Bank Deposits

Some hotels will accept cash for payments. If this option is available, ask the hotel you’re interested in. You can pay with cash directly to your bank accounts without using a credit card.

After you’ve made a reservation, the hotel will give you their bank account details, which you can then deposit your fee. Usually, hotels require a deposit of at least a week in advance, or you can pay the fee days or weeks in advance. After you’ve paid, the hotel will send a copy of the receipt.

Why Do Most Hotels Only Accept Online Payment?

A card-only payment policy can negatively affect a business’s ability to attract and retain potential guests. It can also lead to the loss of some potential customers. However, hotels have good reasons to prefer credit cards.


Despite the various security measures that hotels have, it’s still possible for them to experience theft. It is especially true if they have cash in their facilities. Some establishments, such as five-star hotels, prefer to use cashless transactions.

Safety Net

One of the reasons why many establishments refuse to accept cash payments is the safety net principle.

When you book or reserve a room, the hotel will mark it as unavailable for specific dates. The hotel or inn will lose money if you cancel or cannot show up at the scheduled time.

Although this is not the case for most credit card holders, the hotel can still charge a cancellation fee. Guests might show up on the scheduled date even though they don’t want to pay the fee.

Improved Customer Service

Quality customer service is essential in any hospitality business. Poor service can lead to customers having little or no recommendations and, thus, little to no profits.

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Having the proper cash to deal with can help the hotel staff provide timely and effective service to their guests.

Dealing with cash can be very time-consuming, especially when there is no precise amount to pay. The cashier would have to count the money and hand it to the appropriate person.

Having cashless transactions can help hotel managers save time and reduce the stress of handling cash. It eliminates the need for the cashier to check and balance the various records and cash.

Guaranteed Payment for Other Amenities

One of the primary explanations why people ask whether or not they can pay for a hotel room with cash is because it’s a no-is-guarantee policy.

Suppose you’re planning on traveling to Florida for a business conference or beach vacation. In that case, you know that you’ll get charged for the room and various other services and activities at the hotel. Some of these include food, drinks, taxes, and missing items.

Since you can use a credit card to pay for the hotel room, the establishment won’t fear running out of money after you check out. It also applies to debit cards.

Some Expectations When Paying Cash for a Hotel Room

A hotel will typically tell you you can pay for your stay online. However, if you are a walk-in guest, they will only allow you to do so.

It’s essential to arrive at the hotel at least a couple of hours before check-in. Make sure to call the hotel at least a day or more before you book a room to let them know that you’re planning on making a reservation. You can also check if there are still available rooms.

Present ID

Before you can check into a hotel, you must present a government-issued photo ID. Most establishments will conduct extra scrutiny regarding foreigners and those from other states, as this is for security reasons.

If they see something fishy, such as a photo that doesn’t look like the person in the picture, they might not allow you to pay in cash.

This process prevents guests from trying to cover their tracks after committing a crime. Cash is not traceable to everyone, unlike cards.

Pay for the Room in Cash

Most hotels will typically collect the payment for your room before you can hand it over to the keys. Doing so ensures that the establishment’s income isn’t affected if guests leave without paying.

Some establishments that accept cash transactions require a security deposit to resolve the issue of having insufficient funds. This fee covers any additional charges and assures the staff that they will get paid even if they run out of money.


Can you pay cash for a hotel room? Although cash payments are still viable at some hotels, expect to follow stricter guidelines and procedures when it comes to payments. It means it’s not as convenient to pay for a room using a credit card. However, there are other methods to pay for a hotel stay. Check the hotel’s payment methods and choose the one that fits your needs.

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