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What Does a Travel Journalist Do?

by Chesa Dalisay
What Does a Travel Journalist Do?

Suppose you’re wondering what a travel journalist does. Read on to learn the job description and learn what to expect on the job. Travel journalists are sent on assignments worldwide, covering news, events, and press conferences. They also meet new people and write captivating stories about their experiences. Travel journalists can work for a magazine as full-time employees, contract writers for a particular publication, or freelancers selling individual articles to various media outlets.

Travel journalists typically work forty to forty-five hours per week, though this can vary greatly based on the individual. Many travel journalists cover late-night events, and they may not get to see their families often. If you’d rather work from home, you’ll need to be flexible. If you’d prefer to work from home, you’ll need to arrange a time for family visits and other activities.

Travel journalist

A travel journalist will also conduct interviews with travelers about their experiences. Many travel journalists interview other travelers and explore the culture of certain destinations. They also write about cultural trends. Many of these interviews are impromptu, so it’s important to be well-prepared before setting up an interview. For instance, it’s a good idea to prepare your questions beforehand if you want to be able to elicit a genuine response.

What Does a Travel Journalist Do?
What Does a Travel Journalist Do?

Travel journalists are often required to have a journalism degree to get hired, but some don’t. To become a travel journalist, you’ll need to have a passion for travel and a knack for adaptation. While travel writing jobs are scarce, there are opportunities for talented writers. General news magazines, television channels, and even OTT platforms have travel programs. This works out to about $2,375 a month. The average travel journalist makes around $52,000 per year. Most of them are freelance. Travel journalists must pitch their ideas, research accepted stories, and interview sources to complete their work. They also need to take many trips to gather information on the locations they visit.

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Specialize in other area

While some travel journalists are generalists, others specialize in a certain world area. Others write about luxury travel and ecotourism. Travel writers also write about personal experiences, often for the benefit of readers. They may use personal methods, such as taking photographs or seeking out experts in the field. No matter what kind of travel writer you are, the job requires a passion for the destination that you’re writing about.

The travel journalism job description is diverse and exciting. Travel journalists get to visit exotic locations, but they get to write about everything. Whether they’re reporting on a particular destination’s history, wildlife, or cultural heritage, travel journalists must thoroughly research it. Some travel writers choose not to visit the destination but still interview people who have visited and take photographs.

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