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What Should You See in Your Side Mirrors?

by Chesa Dalisay
Should You See in Your Side Mirrors

You need to know what to look for in your side mirrors when you’re driving. If you are not paying attention to your side mirrors, you could be putting yourself and your vehicle at risk for an accident. Make sure they are adjusted correctly to ensure the driver has a clear view of everything. Check the mirrors on both sides to see if they’re correctly adjusted. Get a professional to check them for you if you’re not sure.

If you have a faulty side mirror, it can be difficult to see another car passing you. You’ll never know if you’ll be hit by a car in the next lane. Also, when you’re changing lanes, you’ll want to look at the other vehicle’s position to ensure your safety. The side mirror with lights will be especially useful at night. Aside from that, a properly adjusted side mirror will keep you safe.

Aware of blind spots

While driving, you need to be aware of blind spots. Blind spots refer to areas around your car that you can’t see when looking in your side mirrors. The blind spots are usually behind your left and right shoulders. When looking in your side mirrors, it’s important to pay attention to these areas, especially if you’re driving in a busy area. When checking your blind spots, glance to the left or right, but avoid looking directly behind your vehicle.

Lastly, adjust the position of your seat. Whether you sit at a high position or in a low one, make sure you’re positioned where you want to be. A good mirror allows you to see clearly into the road, sky, and curbs. If the driver’s seat is angled too far to the left, they may not be seeing everything. They should be at least three lanes wide.

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In modern cars, electronic side mirrors are more common. You’ll find the controls for the side mirrors near the steering wheel. Most modern cars have a button near the steering wheel. When you press it, four arrows will appear, indicating the direction you’re looking in. In addition, you can adjust the mirrors to move left or right or even switch between the left and right sides.

Correctly adjusted mirror

A correctly adjusted mirror should be the same height as your rearview mirror. This will reduce glare and open up your vision. If your side mirrors are angled too low, it will create a blind spot. If you’re driving in a blind spot, move up or back to avoid getting into the vehicle’s blind spot. You should also adjust your seatbelt correctly to give yourself the best protection in an accident. Make sure your seatbelt crosses your shoulder without cutting across your neck. Most vehicles have an adjustable pivot point for the shoulder belt.

See in Your Side Mirrors
Should You See in Your Side Mirrors

To adjust your mirrors correctly, first, adjust the left-side mirror. Leaning toward the left-side window will give you a better view of the rear end of your vehicle. Then adjust the right-side mirror to see your car’s rear end. Once you’ve set the mirrors correctly, you may have to make minor adjustments. If you are uncomfortable with the angle, you can make minor adjustments to the right-side mirror to make it more comfortable.

Position of your side mirrors

The position of your side mirrors is extremely important when driving. While you can see the car next to you, you must have both of your sides correctly adjusted if you use your right side mirror. Your driver-side mirror should be set at least 15 degrees in either direction. Having both mirrors adjusted to the right or left side will ensure complete coverage of everything behind you. During the nighttime, your side mirrors are particularly important, especially when other drivers use their high beams.

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This doesn’t mean that they’ll switch theirs back on. It’s important to check them before you move away from the road. If you spot a child under the car’s tires, it’s possible they could get under the vehicle’s tire. I know someone who accidentally hit a young girl and is still in a coma five years later. Pay special attention when backing up, especially when you’re driving in playgrounds and parking lots.

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