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8 Unforgettable Exciting Outdoor Adventures For Your Taiwan Trip

by Zac
8 Unforgettable Exciting Outdoor Adventures For Your Taiwan Trip

There are so many things to do in Taiwan that it is very hard to choose just one. The country is full of beautiful markets, mountains, waterfalls, and sunrises waiting to be explored. There are also many hiking and camping opportunities in the area.

Exciting Outdoor Adventures For Your Taiwan Trip


Although Japan and South Korea are well-known for their lavish lifestyles and international reputations, Taiwan is starting to gain a following among foreign visitors. Due to the increasing number of people who visit Taiwan each year, it is expected that it will soon enter the ranks of these countries.

If you are planning on visiting Taiwan, you might expect to get away with just one or two activities in the park, but after immersing yourself in its culture and environment, you will be surprised by how much of a punch it can provide.

Exciting Outdoor Activities In Taiwan

If you want to explore Taiwan, we have rounded up some of the best outdoor activities you can do to maximize your trip.

1.    Explore The Taroko Gorge

Explore The Taroko Gorge


The Taroko gorge is regarded as one of the most popular attractions in Taiwan. It sets the standard for other similar activities in the country.

The Taroko gorge is basically a 19-kilometer-long natural wonder that features massive marble cliffs and lush vegetation. There are multiple ways to explore this area, and cycling is also an option. It has several different paths that can be completed.

What To Expect?

One-day tours are available to visit the various attractions of Taroko gorge, such as the Shakadang Trail and the entrance gate. There are additionally many other activities that you can do within one day.

Although you can always do a self-guided tour, having a tour guide that points out some of the lesser-known points of interest is a great way to get a deeper understanding of the Gorge. For instance, if you plan to visit the Swallow Grotto, make sure to add it to your list. This is where you will get the best views of the Gorge.

2.    Hike The Incredible Zhuilu Old Trail

Hike The Incredible Zhuilu Old Trail


One exceptional way to experience outdoor activity is by hiring a guide to take you on a journey through the Zhuilu Old Trail, which will take you up to the top of a mountain range and through a thousand-foot drop. Although this does not sound like it, it is pretty safe if you follow the guide’s instructions.

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This is an excellent activity for people who are passionate about hiking. The start of the hike takes you through a river that offers spectacular views of the forest. From there, you can continue hiking until the end.

Although there are many different perspectives about the trail’s difficulty level, we believe it’s a strenuous hike. The guide may allow a few minutes of rest after every ten minutes or so, as you’ll constantly be pushing hard. At the halfway mark, there is a massive platform area that you can rest upon.

What To Expect?

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, you will immediately see the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the Taroko gorge. There, you will also see mist floating across the tops and various marble cliffs and canyon walls. The path that winds through the mountain is less than a meter wide.

Although most people should be able to walk the entire path, a rope can be attached to the side to allow them to hang onto the cliff if they need to. This landing area at the trail’s end is a great way to refuel after a long day.

3.    Visit The Old Street of JiuFen

Visit The Old Street of JiuFen


The film “Spirited Away” was made by Hayao Mizayaki, and it was inspired by the small streets of the town of Jufen Old Street. This mountain town is known for its great food and culture.

Although the release of “Spirited Away” has brought a lot of attention to the village, its main attraction is the food.

What To Expect?

Upon entering the main entrance of the village, you will immediately be transported to a world of delicious food, such as fish balls, fried chicken, ice cream, cakes, and taro ball desserts. The walkway area is also narrow, which helps when you’re trying to decide what to eat.

4.    Visit The Town of Alishan To See Amazing Views

The Town of Alishan To See Amazing Views


Probably the most famous place in Taiwan for its natural beauty is the town of Alishan. Although it is commonly known for its amazing sunrise views, the same spot can still produce amazing images of the mountain ranges that make up the area.

What To Expect?

Due to the increasing number of tourists visiting the area, the sunrise viewing at the location of Alishan has become a popular tourist activity. On any given day, you may encounter groups of people trying to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. However, this doesn’t deter people from enjoying the beauty of the sunrise.

If you’re not a morning person but still want to see the wonders of the mountain, then the viewing area at the top of the hill, known as the Alishan, is a must-visit. After sunrise, the area usually gets cleared out, and the nearby food stalls close. You can take in the amazing mountain air for a couple of hours and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

5.    Visit Taichung and Try The Famous Bubble Tea

Visit Taichung and Try The Famous Bubble Tea


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Since you’ve only had bubble tea in Taiwan, you probably don’t have a clue where it came from. It’s the drink that has taken the world by storm and is considered the birth of the religion of bubble tea.

What To Expect?

You can taste the original Bubble Tea that’s been famous in Asia. Make yourself familiar with where this drink came from and have a deeper understanding of the local’s beliefs.

6.    Visit and Explore The Serene Tea Plantations Along With The Eryanping Trail

Explore The Serene Tea Plantations Along With The Eryanping Trail


One of Taiwan’s lesser-known activities is visiting the tea plantations in the countryside. This is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of the country’s tea plantations. The Eryanping Trail is an hour away from the city of Chiayi.

What To Expect?

Although the Eryanping Trail is still relatively hidden, it has plenty of enjoyable features. We’re going to start seeing more people using it in the next couple of years due to its various features. The trail’s beginning is a bit steep, but it’s also fairly wide when you reach the plantations at the top.

7.    Visit The Variety of Night Markets & Eat Everything You Want

The Variety of Night Markets & Eat Everything You Want


Night markets are the staple of almost every major city in Taiwan and various smaller regions. These places are known for their vibrant atmosphere and welcoming interactions with tourists and locals. They provide a great opportunity for families to earn money and establish their own businesses and a place for visitors to come for their food.

What To Expect?

Aside from one of the most popular markets in the country– the Shilin Market in Taipei City, you can get to explore other popular night markets, including the Keelung Night Market on the north coast of Taiwan, the Fengjia Night Market in Taichung, and the Dongdamen Market in Hualien. These markets serve up a variety of Taiwanese food and are known for their unique offerings.

8.    Go To Kaohsiung and Try the Enter The dragon and Exit The Tiger For Good Luck

Kaohsiung and Try the Enter The dragon and Exit The Tiger For Good Luck


There are some people who are impassioned about the details of architecture and interior design, while others enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. In Kaohsiung, the Tiger and Dragon Pagoda is a perfect example of both.

The Kaohsiung Buddhist pagoda was constructed in 1976 and has become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Due to its sheer beauty and its convenient location, it is also frequently visited by other tourists.

In Chinese culture, dragons are regarded as powerful and good luck, while the tiger is regarded as the king of all animals. It is believed that entering through the dragon’s mouth will allow one to exit from the tiger’s. Doing this will help you remove all of your negative luck and increase the good luck in your life.

What To Expect?

Before you go to the tunnel, take some time to look at the artwork inside. This activity is very popular, and we recommend that you head there early or late in the morning, as the crowds will be thick during the middle of the day. It is also challenging to take good pictures due to the noise that surrounds you.


As the tourism department of Taiwan is working on increasing the number of visitors to the country, we encourage everyone to take a break from the usual tourist routes and explore Taiwan for once. We’ve already highlighted some of the best things to do in the country, but we know that there are still so many more amazing experiences that you can experience here that you won’t want to miss.

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