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How Soon After Birth Can a Baby Travel by Car?

by Chesa Dalisay
How Soon After Birth Can a Baby Travel by Car

How soon after birth can a baby go on a trip by car? Although it’s generally safe to travel with a newborn baby, it doesn’t mean you should. Some professionals recommend waiting until your child is two-week-old before going on a trip, and other parents need to limit their travel for several months.

You should not take caution regarding the effects of high altitude, the oxygen levels in the cabin, and the possibility of SIDS.

How Soon After Birth Can a Baby Go on a Trip by Car?

You should avoid using a car seat for your baby for at least the first couple of weeks after birth. However, if the baby is premature, it’s best to avoid traveling too far to visit your grandparents.

Even after two weeks, it’s still important to consider the baby’s well-being. Some simple steps include taking breaks, getting the baby out of the car seat, and avoiding long trips.

How long is too long for them to ride in a car seat? Some babies can be placed in a flat position, while you can move others to a more upright one. There are also carrycots and flat car seats that can be used in the car but can take space and are not ideal for all vehicles.

What Should You Prepare When Driving an Infant by Car?

Having the necessary supplies will make your trip much more accessible when traveling with your child. Some items you will need to include in your bag include diapers, wipes, baby wipes, and trash bags.

You should also pack other baby-related items such as diapers and bottles. If you plan on giving your child formula, ensure that you store it in a safe and secure container.

Some appropriate toys for kids include plastic rings, pacifiers, and age-appropriate toys. Also, if your baby has diarrhea, you can use an oral rehydration solution to prevent dehydration.

Pro Tips in Driving a Newborn Baby by Car

Use a special car seat until children are two years old or older. You should use it until they reach the weight and height limits of the car seat. Follow the directions for attaching and securing the seat. Rear-facing car seats are the safest place for children.

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Place colorful pictures on the child’s seat to create a space for them to look at. Also, dress your child in comfortable clothes and use a window shade to block the sun. You can additionally play music while you are driving.

If your baby is not sleeping, take a car seat to allow them to move and stretch. You can also place them on a blanket outside to give them a chance to breathe. While outside, remember that you should protect your child from the sun. Please wear clothes that cover their bodies to prevent them from getting burned.

Don’t leave your child in a car with no adult around. It can cause a baby to suffer from heat stroke and die. Leaving a child in a burning vehicle is hazardous as the temperature can rise rapidly.

Preparations You Should Focus On Before Traveling With Your Baby by Car

Getting ready for a trip with your baby can be a bit stressful, especially if it involves a long journey. Here are a few simple methods to aid you in making the trip as safe as possible.

Regular Breaks

The journey with a baby will typically take longer than with adults. Plan and allow regular breaks to enjoy the ride without worrying about getting interrupted.

Babies should not spend a lot of time in a car seat. They should be able to roll around on the ground and kick and crawl on it while you’re at a stop.

If your baby is sleeping while you’re at your destination, take them out, even if it means getting them up. Never leave them unattended in the car.

Pack Enough Food

If breastfeeding in a hot car, stop feeding your baby as often as possible. It’s also not safe to breastfeed in a moving vehicle.

If your baby is on infant formula, you can prepare their meals by taking the baby formula and warm water. You can also pack water and snacks if they are on solid food.

Use Sun Protection

If the sun is directly on your baby, you can use a window shade or a damp towel to block the harmful effects of the UV rays. However, using a hood over a capsule can restrict air circulation.

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Keep Your Baby Busy

Pack some of your baby’s favorite toys and books into the car to keep them entertained while traveling.

On a long trip, you might want to introduce one or two new items at a time so they’ll stay interested in them for a while. Singing and music can also help keep your child occupied.

Pick a Peaceful Destination

A relaxing destination is best for young travelers. Instead of the overstimulating, over-populated, and noisy places commonly found in other countries, choose one that’s more family-friendly.

A beach retreat or resort with large rooms and suites is ideal for a couple of days away from home. It can also provide adequate childcare for your young child.

Eventually, the family-friendly resorts will be just what the members of the family need. But for now, try to make the adjustment period as straightforward as possible.

What Is the 2-Hour Rule in Travelling With Babies by Car?

Manufacturers of car seats generally recommend that babies not be in a car seat for more than two hours.

Being in a semi-upright posture can lead to various health issues for babies under two months old. One of these is a strain on the baby’s spinal cord. Also, if the baby’s head flops forward, the air can get restricted to the lungs.

Importance of 2-Hour Rule

Infants under one year old may have breathing problems if placed in a car seat or a specific position. This condition is caused by the child’s head not developing correctly.

It’s always best to keep a young child on their back as they should be in car seats until they are strong enough to support themselves. You should only use other child equipment, such as car seats, once the child can keep their head.

According to the research, taking breaks is essential to get the child out of the car seat several times a day. Removing the child’s warm outdoor clothing is also necessary if the child has fallen asleep inside the vehicle.

If the child is due to sleep, you should remove them from the car seat. Since a car seat doesn’t meet this requirement, putting the child on a firm surface is best.


How soon after birth can a baby travel by car? Experts say you should wait for at least two weeks before driving your baby by car. It is only applicable for emergency purposes. Please keep your infant at home until it’s old enough to withstand the car travel.

It’s essential to ensure your child is in a rear-facing car seat while driving. However, it’s also necessary to ensure they have the proper airflow around their face is also required. If they sleep in the car seat, ensure they have a clean and comfortable look.

Unless you have a well-rested driving partner, you should put off traveling until your child is a little older.

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