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What Is a Travel Supplier?

by Chesa Dalisay
What Is a Travel Suppliers

So what is a travel supplier? The answer is something like this: a company that provides travel services for another business. They may be a hotel chain or a travel agency, but both are interested in bringing their customers to their location. Having a preferred supplier list is beneficial for both companies. It allows the travel agency to book many trips with one company, and the supplier can offer more competitive pricing to those travelers. These types of partnerships can be formal or informal.

A destination-specific booking engine is a great way for travel suppliers to earn more money. By allowing travelers to search the entire destination at once, the company can increase its sales. Lastly, they can use Tripster’s reservation systems to book travel products. These systems are very convenient and can help any travel supplier maximize their revenue by selling more trips. In general, travel insurance policies cover a trip’s costs in the event of cancellation.

Travel Supplier Policies

These policies typically require that you notify your travel supplier within 24 hours of an incident or emergency to avoid the loss of pre-paid expenses. Depending on the policy, travel suppliers may include cruise lines, airlines, hotels, rental companies, tour operators, and other entities that help you plan and book your vacation. If you’re traveling by yourself, it’s best to purchase travel insurance for a complete package trip.

Another common type of travel supplier is the agency. All travel agencies are connected and offer different travel packages. A travel agency can also offer other services, such as concierge services or luggage delivery. Lastly, travel agents are also a way for businesses to increase their visibility among tourists. Wholesale travel agencies work directly with suppliers. They negotiate bulk prices from suppliers and then resell them to retail travel agencies. Retail travel agencies buy wholesale travel products from wholesale agencies and then resell them to other businesses.

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What Is a Travel Suppliers
What Is a Travel Suppliers

So what is a travel supplier? Destination marketing organizations and RTOs are important to the tourism industry. Destination marketing organizations like CanTours and Jonview work with travel suppliers to promote destinations and their products. A Destination BC, for example, hosts Canada’s West Marketplace each year, a trade market where Alberta and BC suppliers can sell their products to international RTOs. RTOs, meanwhile, work with destination marketing organizations to promote tourism.

When choosing a travel supplier, always check how much it will cost you to work with them. Some travel agents will charge their services, but most will be paid from the commissions they receive from product suppliers. The commission percentage varies from 7% to 25%, depending on the supplier. A travel agent’s commission will also depend on how much sales they bring.

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