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What is Fit Travel?

by Chesa Dalisay
What is a Fit Travel

If you’re planning a vacation, you’re probably wondering, FIT stands for “fit for travel”. – it’s independent travel which means you’re booking your flights, hotels, and activities. As a FIT, you’ll have complete freedom over your itinerary. And cannot receive a refund if you miss an important event or flight. Fit travellers often prefer to book their flights, if a flight is delayed or an event requires them to change their itinerary Because they’re less likely to lose money.

Fit Travel

What is Fit Travel?
What is Fit Travel?

the new Chinese travellers drove it, the ‘one child’ generation. The first generation in China had all their resources devoted to education, and the ‘one child’ generation has grown up with significant disposable income and unprecedented opportunities. FIT travellers can primarily explore a destination independently, and the internet and smartphones aid them. The FIT concept is transforming the way people travel.

FIT refers to a class of independent travellers who plan and arrange their trips and do so at their own pace. Single traveller, a couple, or a family do This type of travel. FIT travellers also prefer to travel alone or in small groups rather than joining a group. A FIT traveller’s itinerary may resemble a package. But the traveller customizes the entire experience.

Independent Travel

Independent travel is more expensive than organized group travel, but it’s often well worth it. FIT travellers are more likely to enjoy the local food, architecture, history, and culture while on a trip than other tourists. These travellers prefer to experience culture by following their path. Many FIT travellers don’t want the stress of being confined to a group and they are independent. They’re also less likely to be rushed, independent travel is less enjoyable and rewarding than

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When choosing between FIT and GIT package tours, several things to consider. FIT tours are often small groups with fewer people. Since they require more independent travel, they tend to be more secure and have more amenities. You’ll have better accommodations and food facilities than a GIT tour. However, you should consider the number of travellers on your tour before selecting the type of package to travel with. You might want to stick to the GIT tour if you’re travelling in a big group.

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